Android by Daystrom

Fake Battery

The Fake Battery app simulate the low level battery screen.

Useful to avoid to give your precious phone, for any reason, to someone else ;)

Cupcake users (Android 1.5) download the "Fake Battery (Cupcake)" version.

Features (press menu button for setting):
  • Notification bar type:
    Android or HTC Sense
  • Battery type:
    Android or HTC Widget
  • Home type:
    Android 1.x, 2.x or HTC Sense
  • Show custom wallpaper
  • Show custom live wallpaper
Some frequent comments or request from users:
  • Notification led request:
    The led is not working fine in all devices. This is because this feature will not implemented.
  • Is just a picture not an app comment:
    Yes, of course. The system battery notification is a protected intent that can only be sent by the system.
  • How it works, please help:
    Press the menu button to select the differents features.

Download from market:

From mobile browser click on the barcode to download the application.

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